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As a premium Flavour house we are uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive library of both generic and bespoke Flavours, that may be used to create unique e-liquid flavours and solutions.

Profile Types

Our diverse Flavour library further allows us to create an infinite array of tastes and blends, just a few of which are listed below ;

Fruits – Apricot / Blackcherry / Lychee / Cherry / Kiwi
Dessert – Eaton Mess / Blueberry Pie / Pavlova
Herbal - Menthol / Eucalyptus / Mint Julep / Winter Blend
Tobacco – Arabian / Turkish / Cuban
Citrus – Lemon / Orange / Lime / Grapefruit / Tangerine
Floral – Hibiscus / Lavender / Jasmine / Honeysuckle
Sweet – Bubblegum / Candyfloss / Buttermint 
Drinks – Cappuccino / Green Tea / Chai / Mocha
Cocktails – Mojito / Pina Colada / Margarita


Raw materials and Diluents are of the highest quality and are from both reputable and sustainable source and origin. From handling through to manufacture, we work to a strict code of conduct, practice and ethics.

These related carriers and diluents are both USP & EP grade while our Flavours are listed FEMA GRAS towards ensuring both integrity and purity.

Research / Development / Application

Our in-house Laboratory is a state of the art facility.

Operating at the higher echelons of the industry we use both Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry for both materials analysis and cross referencing.

This technology further allows us to provide a detailed and complete traceability system.

At a development level, clients are invited onsite and can work closely with a member of our flavour team to create exact flavour profiles that best suit their brand and their product requirements.

Standards & Practice

Clean Room Environments
Sterile Operating Conditions
Complete Traceability Systems
Haccp Operating Procedures
Member of (BEMA) British  Essence Manufacturers’ Association



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